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We envision a world where an in-depth knowledge of cancer biology has changed our approach to managing chemical exposures which, in turn, has caused a dramatic reduction in the incidence of cancer at the population level. We also foresee a time in the future when this same knowledge will serve to help us to effectively control, and inexpensively cure cancer without causing substantial adverse side effects.


To share holistic, scientific knowledge about cancer with key stakeholders who have an interest in the disease in a manner that ultimately results in societal changes that reduce the public exposure to disruptive environmental agents that can act in concert with one another to instigate cancer. We will further make use of this knowledge to inspire funding, applied research, and ultimately development activities that will lead to broad plant based therapy/regimen that will be useful both as a prophylactic medication (to help us reduce the incidence of cancer), and as a much improved therapeutic option for those who are in need of treatment.


CARING - We are passionate, considerate and empathetic towards all who have been touched by cancer. We are respectful to one another and to everyone with whom we interact. We foster an encouraging and supportive virtual work environment to ensure that everyone involved in the organization thrives in their role and has a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the organizational mission and to society.

SERVICE - We place an emphasis on volunteer service and great value on the efforts of those who act unselfishly to serve others who are in need.

LEARNING - We draw lessons from the past and strive for continuous improvement at all levels of the organization. We draw our knowledge from the scientific literature and we embrace creativity, innovation and learning as we seek to find better solutions that will help us achieve our mission.

STRENGTH - We have strength and courage and are undaunted by the scale of the global cancer problem. We believe that teamwork, strength of character, an optimistic problem-solving disposition and determination will allow us to effect meaningful change.

COURAGE - We encourage our volunteers to act cautiously and prudently at all times but also to take bold, carefully measured steps to effect positive change.

COLLABORATION - We believe that collaboration leverages untapped potential and we value the possibilities that are unearthed by synergy. We believe that our mission will be achieved with the help of many other individuals and organizations who are equally passionate about solving the cancer problem.

INTEGRITY - We are honest and ethical. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and do everything we can to ensure that our credibility is never questioned. We are fully transparent as an organization and accountable to the public in all that we do.

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