The Halifax Project
“Getting to Know Cancer” is a non-profit organization that is focused on instigating integrative cancer research.  Presently we have plans for an important series of scientific reviews and two, 2-day workshops that will be held in August of 2013 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).  One of the workshops is related to the influence of low dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment (8-9 August 2013), while the other is related to an advanced approach for therapeutic design (12-13 August 2013).

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from scientists who are interested in either of these projects. We are seeking senior researchers with a strong track record of peer-reviewed publishing and a history of collaboration. We know that both of these projects are challenging, but with the right people involved, we are confident that something truly extraordinary is going to result.

If you are potentially interested in being part of either of these initiatives, please see the PDFs below for details. Expressions of interest can be submitted online (see below)
Leroy Lowe
President and Cofounder
Getting to Know Cancer

902-893-5362 tel.
902-893-5610 fax
Author Invitation Therapeutic Design
Task Force
Author Invitation Chemical Mixtures
Task Force
Expressions of Interest – Apply Here
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This project is not funded externally. Researchers who are invited to join this task force will need to pay a $475 participation fee (mainly to cover the costs of the special issue of the journal). Not all researchers on the task force will need to attend the 2-day workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but preference will be given to candidates who have institutional support, or another source of funding to cover travel costs so they can attend. Do you have financial support for this initiative?
$475 Participation Fee
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