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Know Cancer

Until you understand how cancer works, it is really quite difficult to explain the true nature of the problem and the key challenges that we face. So please take your time in this section of our website, and try to first understand the peculiarities of this disease. Although cancer is quite complex, the science of cancer is rapidly advancing, and it is now much easier to explain the disease than ever before.

The three pages in this section attempt to summarize what we now know about the disease. It is highly recommended that these pages be read in sequence:

An Overview : This page provides a brief overview of cancer, and introduces the hallmark characteristics of the disease. It also explains that each of the hallmarks of cancer is a discrete characteristic that can be instigated by individual chemicals

Progression : This page explains that genetic instability and inflammation are enabling modes of action that can cause cancer by instigating other hallmarks of the disease. It also described the process involved in tumor development and discusses the process by which cancer spreads.

Lines of Defense : This page reviews the many self-defense mechanisms that have all been suppressed, bypassed or somehow beaten when cancer gets underway.

While this section of our website offers only a cursory review of the hallmarks of cancer, once you understand the disease at this level, you will be ready to learn why we are so concerned about environmental exposures to commonly encountered chemicals, and why we believe that a strategic shift in our approach to therapy development is needed if we really hope to substantially improve cancer therapy.

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