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The Environment

While many people have suspected for decades that low dose exposures to a wide range of chemicals that we encounter every day (e.g., pesticides, food additives, chemicals in cosmetics, chemicals in personal care products etc) have a role to play in cancer causation, this has been very difficult to prove. So many cancer charities and cancer prevention organizations have shifted their messaging, and are now focused on the contribution of “lifestyle” factors instead. However, the state of cancer science has evolved rapidly and, in hindsight, we can now see that there are gaping holes in the assumptions that led some to dismiss the relevance of these exposures.

This section of our website explains the importance of this issue:

Environmental Exposures : Learn how everyday exposures to combinations of disruptive, but otherwise non-carcinogenic, environmental chemicals can act in concert with one another to cause cancer

International Workshop : It is our intention to identify environmentally-minded NGOs and scientists that have an interest in the role that chemical exposures play in cancer causation and recruit them to help us build support for progressive regulatory change in countries where change is possible

White Paper : See a recent practical example that illustrates the seriousness of this problem and learn how it applies to everyday living.

In sum, we plan to work with scientists, NGOs and progressive regulatory agencies around the globe to inspire funding and instigate research and regulatory change to address the fact that many environmental chemicals/agents that are not pure carcinogens may still have an important role to play in cancer causation. It is our opinion that there is need for the adoption of a more progressive framework that assesses the degree to which aggregate chemical exposures are contributing to the enablement of each of the hallmarks of cancer. So we intend to ensure our environmental stewardship practices improve and plan to instigate progressive regulatory change to achieve this goal.

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